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Lecture Notes     
Introduction, Configuration space, Equations of Motion, Velocity Phase Space.
updated 9/14/10
The Action, The Lagrangian and Hamilton's Principle.
updated 9/27/10
Some Examples.  Constraints and Lagrange Multipliers.
updated 10/5/10
Symmetries and Conservation Laws:  Energy, Momentum and Angular Momentum.
updated 10/12/10
Symmetries and Conservation Laws:  Noether's Theorem.
updated 10/13/10
First integrals. Reduction. The 2-body problem.
updated 11/2/10
The Kepler Problem.
updated 11/2/10
Small Oscillations. Normal Modes. Examples.
updated 11/11/10
Simultaneous Diagonalization of Quadratic Forms. Forced Oscillations.
updated 11/16/10
Hamiltonian Formalism: Hamilton's equations. Conservation laws. Reduction. Poisson Brackets..
updated 11/30/10
Phase Space Variational Principle. Canonical Transformations.
updated 12/2/10
Infinitesimal Canonical Transformations.  Symmetries and Conservation Laws.