Welcome to Your AppleShare IP Web Site!

Making Your Web Site Available

This is the "default" home page that is displayed when users visit your Web site. You can use your Web site to make information available to users on your internal network or on the Internet. To make your AppleShare IP Web site available to all users on your network (and the Internet if you have an Internet connection), do the following:

  1. Make sure that guests can connect

    Check the status of guest access for the Web service in the Web & File Server Activity window in the Web & File Admin software. If guest access is disabled, choose Show Users & Groups List from the Users menu, and double-click the Guest icon in the Users & Groups List window. Click the "Enable Guest Access for Web" checkbox so that an X appears. Then click Save.

  2. Give guests Read-Only access to the Web Folder

    To give guests Read-Only access, choose Disks and Share Points from the Server menu. Double-click the icon for the Web Folder at the root level of your startup disk. Choose the Read-Only icon from pop-up menu next to the Everyone category. Then click Save.

To customize your Web site, use a Web design tool to edit the file named Default.html located in the Web Folder at the root level of your startup disk.


For More Information

If you have an Internet connection, you can get more information at the sites below. For the latest information about Apple Computer, AppleShare IP, and other Apple server products, visit these sites:

If you have a question or encounter a problem with your server software, search the Tech Info Library or visit the Apple Support Site for an answer or a workaround.


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