Summary of Learning Outcomes and Assessment Strategies

Learning Outcomes

For our purposes at USU we divide the Physics BS degree Learning Outcomes into the following areas:

* Physics Concepts

* Problem solving and Mathematical Analysis

* Laboratory Skills

* Computer skills

* Research Skills

* Communication skills

Details on these outcomes and associated competencies and benchmarks can be found here.

Assessment Strategies

* Progress towards these outcomes is assessed in the usual ways on a course by course basis.  See this mapping of outcomes to courses.

* These outcomes are verified using a capstone class - "Research in Physics", which all majors must take.  Mentors evaluate the degree to which these outcomes are achieved.

* These outcomes are examined by the students during a exit interview with the department head. This interview includes a questionnaire which evaluates these outcomes.

* Faculty are encouraged to make use of these outcomes when making their IDEA course evaluations outcome choices.