Summer Workshop


July 19-23, 2000
Utah State University

Participants in the five day, three credit summer workshop will learn to use a CD-ROM based multimedia module developed at Utah State. The module is designed to teach the mathematical analysis program Mathcad to physical science and mathematics students. The multi-tiered learning module is readily adaptable to physical sciences and mathematics course from the secondary level to the advanced undergraduate level. Participation in the workshop will be open to physics and physical science instructors and teaching assistants from all undergraduate and secondary institutions.

Instructors completing this workshop will be able to develop and implement courses at their home institutions based on the module developed at USU. The workshop will introduce the participants to the use of Mathcad, the pedagogy and methods employed in the module, and application of the module to diverse groups of physics students, so that participants can effectively use the module and support it in their own introductory physical science and mathematics courses.

Brochure in PDF Format

Instructors: D. Mark Riffe and J.R. Dennison are professors in the Physics Department at Utah State University, co-authors of the Mathcad version of the Schaum's Outline in College Physics, and co-PI's of a Utah HETI grant to develop the CD-ROM based module to teach Mathcad to students in physical science. They have extensive experience in the use of Mathcad in educational and research environments and have taught the use of Mathcad to secondary and college teachers in previous summer workshops.

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