PHYX 3550

Title: Intermediate Mechanics
Professor: Eric Held
Time: 9:00 - 10:15 T R
Semester: Fall 2005
Office Hours: T-Th (10:15-11:30), M (2:30-3:30)

Course Objectives
1. Develop a fundamental understanding of Newtonian mechanics and Lagrangian dynamics.
2. Develop the technical skills needed to solve problems in physics.

1. Newton's Laws in Inertial Frames
3. Momentum, Angular Momentum and Energy Conservation
2. Newton's Laws in Noninertial Frames
4. Lagrange's Equations and Applications
5. Hamilton's Equations and Applications
6. Two-body Central-Force Problem
7. Linear Oscillations, Nonlinear Oscillations and Dynamical Chaos

Text:Classical Mechanics, Taylor

Reference Texts:
Elements of Newtonian Mechanics, Knudsen & Horth
Classical Dynamics, Marion & Thorton
Mechanics, Symon
Analytical Mechanics, Fowles

Homework 6 for total of 55%
Tests (3) 15% each
Third test to be taken during final exam