Jill A. Marshall

Adjunct Associate Professor
Employed at USU 1994
BS (1980) Stanford University
PhD (1984) University of Texas @ Austin
Research Interests:
Telephone #: (512) 232-5746
E-mail address: marshall@cc.usu.edu

Research Interests

Dr. Marshall's research background is in magnetospheric physics, with an emphasis on the development of instruments to analyze charged particle populations in the Earth's ionosphere and magnetosphere, as well as the atmospheres of comets and of other planets. Her current research interest is primarily physics education, with a speciality in physics education for future elementary school teachers and other non-science majors. She currently holds an NSF grant to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of a hands-on, inquiry-based curriculum for the introductory general physics survey course

Service Interests

Dr. Marshall serves on the USU Women and Gender Research Institute Steering Committee, the Expanding Your Horizons Program Committee, the Physics Department colloquium committee, the College of Science graduation committee, and on the supervisory committees of graduate students in the Physics Department and the College of Education.

Recent Publications

"The Effect of Introducing Biographical Material on Women Scientists into the Introductory Physics Curriculum," Jill A. Marshall and James T. Dorward

"Revisiting Inquiry and Traditional Laboratory Experiences in Introductory Physics," Jill A. Marshall and James T. Dorward