Classical Mechanics
Gauging Newton's Law, Wheeler, J. T., Canadian Journal of Physics, v 85, no 4 (2007).

Homework and notes will be posted in an ongoing way HERE

General Goals:

  1. Learning to apply course materials (problem solving)
  2. Learning fundamental principles, generalizations, or theories
  3. Gaining factual knowledge

Specific Goals:

Learn advanced techniques of classical mechanics, which may include any or all of the following as time allows:
  1. Lagrange equations
  2. Hamilton equations
  3. Functional methods
  4. Canonical transformations and Hamilton-Jacobi theory
  5. Symmetry and conservation laws
  6. Perturbation theory
Apply the techniques to standard problems such as:
  1. Central forces
  2. Non-inertial reference frames
  3. Rigid body motion
  4. Small oscillations
  5. Relativistic mechanics
  6. Continuum mechanics

Grading: Your grade will be based on the following weighting of course elements:

Fall Semester 2018: